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Our Commitments & Responsibilities

Commitments & Responsibilities


Everyone on the Lynas team has the utmost respect for the environment. Wherever possible we strive to prevent, minimise, mitigate, and remediate, any effects our operations may have. We also operate under stringent environmental management requirements enforced in Australia and Malaysia by the relevant Government authorities.

These regulations ensure we undertake regular independent monitoring to assess what impact, if any, our operations are having on the environment. The results of this monitoring are publicly available at all times. They are provided in writing and online to the regulatory authorities, our employees, customers, and local communities as part of our ongoing stakeholder communications.

Since we commenced operations at the LAMP we have successfully met all of our environmental management commitments relating to water, waste, noise, and air quality management.

In June 2015, we also received formal confirmation from the International Atomic Energy Agency in its latest report that 'the radiological risks to members of the public and the environment associated with the operation of LAMP are intrinsically low.'​​

Learn More About Our Environmental Management Activities

The mining and supply of rare earths is a complex industry. To separate the rare earths into the different rare earth metals requires a series of sophisticated processes which use both water and chemicals. These processes also produce waste products that must be effectively managed and recycled where possible.

Lynas is committed to complying with all current environmental standards, in both Australia and Malaysia. That is why, at both our Mount Weld and LAMP operations, we operate a globally recognised Environmental Management System which includes mandatory procedures relating to our:

  • Water storage and treatment processes
  • Gas treatment processes
  • Storage and treatment of waste by-products
  • Interaction with nearby water supplies
  • Management of air quality levels
  • Management of noise levels at our LAMP facility

These procedures require us to monitor our operations on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis to ensure we are not negatively affecting our local communities and environment in which we operate.

'As part of our interaction with nearby water supplies, we physically take monthly samples from four groundwater locations on site. These samples are then analysed to confirm their temperature, pH value, conductivity, level of inorganics, presence of metals, and level of organics. Physical samples are also taken on a monthly basis from seven locations along the nearby Sg Balok River. These samples are also checked for all of the above factors.' Dato' Mashal Ahmad, Vice President Malaysia