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Lynas Advanced Materials Plant

​Key Environmental Monitorin​g ​Programs​​​

Please refer to LAMP Environmental Mon​itoring Results to June 2018​​ (pdf 1.09mb) for more information.​​

Download (pdf 1.09mb) ​



  1. Environmental Monitoring Programs at the LAMP​​
  2. Reasons for monitoring
  3. Expertise in monitoring programs​​


Environmental Monitoring Programs at the ​LAMP

Lynas carries out TWO types of environmental monitoring programs:

  • Environmental Radiation Monitoring Programs (ERMP)
  • Environmental Monitoring Programs

Monitoring programs are divided into those:

  • Prescribed under the Full Operating Stage License conditions of the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB);
  • Prescribed under the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) conditions of the Department of Environment (DOE), and
  • Voluntary monitoring activities

Methods used are APPROVED by the regulators​


Reasons for Environmental Monitoring

Responsible care: Lynas implements robust environmental management systems to:

  • promote environmental management,
  • limit any effects on the environment, and
  • comply with relevant environmental legislation.

Regulatory compliance: Lynas complies with national regulatory requirements (AELB and DOE)

Voluntary compliance: Lynas complies with international standards and practices (e.g. IAEA)


Expertise Engaged in Monitoring Programs

Environmental Radiation Monitoring Programs (ERMP)
Independent regulator-accredited consultants and facilities:

  • Malaysia Nuclear Agency
  • Asialab (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Sinaran Utama Sdn Bhd
Independent Regulator:
  • AELB

Environmental Monitoring Programs
Independent regulator-accredited consultants and facilities:

  • PERMULAB Sdn Bhd
  • Environmental Science Sdn Bhd
Independent Regulator:
  • DOE





ERMP Monitoring

Environmental Radiation Monitoring Programs ​​​

There are 4 Types of ERMP at the LAMP
Lynas Monitoring:

  1. Public radiation exposure (PRE)
  2. Environmental Radiation Monitoring Program (ERMP)
  3. Continuous Aerosol Monitoring System (AMS)

Regulatory Monitoring:

  1. AELB Monitoring

Scheduled reporting to AELB

  • Scheduled reporting of Environmental Radiation Monitoring
  • On-line and real-time from the Aerosol Monitoring System



​​Area Monitoring Locations

AreaMonitoringLocations.jpg ​​


​​Aerosol Monitoring System



  1. AMS's are located at the LAMP and in Kuantan (at IPD Kuantan).
  2. Measures external radiation and radon-thoron levels
  3. Provides continuous monitoring of the environment.
  4. Information is available on-line and real-time (The web address is:
  5. The data is monitored by AELB



​​​​Environmental Monitoring​​


Surface Water Monitoring Program:

​​Types and​​​ Parameters​​​​​​​​​​


Tests carried out by an accredited 3rd party Environmental Consultant.​

Monitoring Stations for Water Sampling​


Lynas conducts monitoring along Sg. Balok every month.

Monitoring carried out by PERMULAB Sdn. Bhd, an accredited lab under DOE

Total of 11 stations starting from the Lynas discharge point up to the Sg. Balok river mouth

Monitoring reports submitted to the DOE on a quarterly basis.



Monitoring at Final Discharge Point (FDP)

  • Lynas conducts monitoring at FDP on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • This monitoring is conducted by Environmental Science Sdn Bhd, a third party accredited lab by DOE
  • Lynas effluent discharges are subject to Standard B in the Fifth Schedule of Environmental Quality (Industrial Effluent) Regulations 2009
  • 32 obligatory parameters are conducted under the Fifth Schedule.
  • Significant parameters are monitored, namely Mn, TSS, COD & Iron (Fe)​​​