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Our Commitments & Responsibilities

Commitments & Responsibilities

Meeting the needs of our customers

The key success factors in the global rare earth market are:

    • Customising finished products to optimise the total value for customers
    • Securing long term reliable competitive supply
    • Creating a transparent supply chain for end users, in terms of material traceability, environmental standards, and total cost
    • Understanding technological trends in order to anticipate market changes driven by innovation and consumer demand

Those key success factors drive the Lynas business model with a specific emphasis on:

    • Technical support to our customers and flexibility in our processes
    • Continuously improving our total production cost through efficiencies and process improvements
    • Product and service quality
    • Sustainability including environmental assurance from mine to market
    • Promotion of long-term agreements with our customers and end users
    • Strong partnerships throughout the supply chain to provide end users with confidence to select rare earth technologies for their products
    • A strong marketing focus, interacting with key players on a global basis in order to identify and capitalise on market trends

The reliability and overall quality of the rare earths we supply to our customers is key to our ongoing success. This is because our customers demand the best solutions to meet their cutting edge needs as they strive to develop new and innovative technologies.  

Key to us delivering on our customer service promises is our investment in a best practice quality assurance management system. This guarantees that we can provide our customers with access to reliable, provenance assured, high-quality rare earths – from mine to customer.  ​