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Radiation Management

  • The LAMP processes lanthanide concentrate classified as radioactive material and regulated by the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB).
  • Radiation safety and health management at the LAMP and its effect on members of the public and the surrounding areas are managed through a comprehensive AELB approved Radiation Protection Program.
  • Radiation monitoring programs are conducted by both Lynas and the AELB. Lynas engages 3rd party consultants approved by the AELB to carry out radiation safety and health monitoring.
  • Lynas reports regularly to the AELB on its radiation monitoring performance. Monitoring data are also available real-time and online.
  • Since operations commenced (in November 2012) the LAMP operation has been shown to be safe to workers, people and the environment.
  • The IAEA post-review mission on the LAMP operation (2014) concluded that the radiological risks to members of the public and to the environment associated with the operation of the LAMP are intrinsically low.
  • Lynas maintains a high standard of radiation safety and health in compliance with the AELB regulatory requirements, and international safety standards like those issued by the IAEA.​
View the AELB website here ​(scroll down Home Page and click on Lynas​) and the IAEA website here​