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20 July 2018

Lynas Corporation June Quarterly Report Investor Call

Lynas CEO, Amanda Lacaze, provides an overview​ of the June quarter results for shareholders.

3 JULY 2018

121 Mining Investment Conference: New York

Lynas CEO, Amanda Lacaze, presents at the 121 Mining Investment Conference in New York. 

Watch the presentation here.​

​16 APRIL 2018

Lynas Corporation March Quarterly Report Investor Call

Lynas CEO, Amanda Lacaze, provides an overview​ of the March quarter results for shareholders.

Listen to the call recording here​.

13 March 2018

CommSec Executive Series Interview

Lynas Corporation CEO and Managing Dire​ctor, Amanda Lacaze speaks with CommSec’s Tom Piotrowski about the company’s record profit in the HY17 results and the opportunities for Lynas rare earths in the US market.

Watch interview here​. ​

5 March 2018

Lynas Corporation Half Year Report Investor Call

Lynas CEO, Amanda Lacaze, provides an overview​ of the half year results for shareholders.

Listen to the call recording here

7 June 2017

Lynas Targets Multiple Rare Earth Supply Chains​

Amanda Lacaze, Managing Director of Lynas Corporation Ltd. interviewed by InvestorIntel Editor Peter Clausi. 

​​Watch video here.​ 

2 August 2016

​​Low rare earth prices hit Australia's Lynas​

The rare earths industry is gradually recovering after a bubble back in 2011, notes Amanda Lacaze of Lynas​.​

28 July 2016

​​Investor Intel - Amanda Lacaze of Lynas on recent rare earth trends

​In this interview with InvestorIntel Publisher Tracy Weslosky, Lynas Managing Director Amanda Lacaze spells out some positive developments that are offsetting the prevalent gloom that hangs over REE prices.​​

16 May 2016

Leadership Qualities and Top Tips for Running a Company

Amanda shares leadership qualities in an interview with Gillian Fox via The Australian online.

28 January 2016

​Investor Intel - The Story of a Turnaround Start-up

Investor Intel has published the presentation of Amanda Lacaze, Lynas CEO, to the Technology Metals Summit 2015.​​

13 OCTOBER 2015​​

Don't call this rare earth miner a telco chick

Lynas' CEO, Amanda Lacaze, spoke with Canada's all-business and financial news television channel, Business Network News, ahead of addressing the Global Technology Metals Market Summit in Toronto.​25649​​

​31 AUGUST 2015

​​Lynas' Amanda Lacaze recently spoke with Tom Piotrowski as part of CommSec's Executive series.

Tackling questions about pro​duction, costs, and the company's recent debt restructure, Amanda reiterated the company's successes over the past 12 months and what the future holds for Australia's rare earth miner.​​