Employee Activities

MyKids Football Club Balok has organized 9-A-Side football tournament among companies in Gebeng Industrial and Kuantan Port area. 8 teams were registered in the tournament which was held at Padang Bola Sepak Balok, Kuantan on 20th August 2017 from 0800 am – 0600 pm. 1 team from Lynas which consists of player from various departments (C&L, PF and MTCE) were involved in the tournament. This is the first time the tournament was held. 10% of the registration fees will be donated to Masjid Balok as part of community service by the organizer and Lynas Team become a Winner for this tournament.


The team consist of players from C&L, PF and MTCE.

NoNameID NoDepartment
1Mohd Nazri Bin Abd Rahman536Production, C&L
2Mohd Izzatrafizi Bin Mohd Napis262Production, C&L
3Mohd Asrol Nizam Bin Ismail405Production, C&L
4Izzul Islam Bin Mohd Nawai728Production, PF
5SuzairiBrave ScaffoldOUR
6Abdul Aziz Bin Mat Ariff729Production, C&L
7Ahmad Azizi Bin Alias255Production, C&L
8Mohd Rashid Bin Anuar526Production, C&L
9Mohd Abd Qayum812MTCE, E&I
10Mohd Syazmil Bin Abdul Aziz547Production, C&L
11Mohammad Amirul Azim Bin Bakar Rudin404Production, C&L
12Mohd Azihan Bin Abdul AzizCindai TerajuProduction, C&L

The team was drawn into group B, along with BPC, Shawcor and MISC. Below are the results during grouping stage;

Game 4Lynas1-0Shawcor
Game 7MISC0-0Lynas
Game 12BPC0-1Lynas

Below is final standing during grouping stage


Lynas and MISC is joint champion and group winner decided by coin-toss. Lynas manage to proceed to quarter final as group winners.

In the quarter final, Lynas was drawn against KNM. Below is the result;

Quarter Final
KNM01 Lynas

The team manage to advance to the semi-final and was drawn against Shawcorr. Below is the result;

Semi Final
Shawcor01 Lynas

The team advance to final and was drawn against BPC. Below is the result

BPC02 Lynas

They managed to exceed my expectation and win the tournament. Asrolnizam as the captain was chosen as the best player of the tournament. Meanwhile, Izzul are the top scorer of the tournament with 3 goals and been given the golden boot award. I am proud with the effort from the entire player even though some of the players were fatigue as they just back from night shift work. Furthermore some of them are brave enough to continue playing even though they were injured (minor) during the tournament. This is the first tournament in which the team manage to go further and wins prizes. 4 best team from series 1 and series 2 will be going to the Sumbangsih ​Throuphy which will be held after Raya Idul Adha Celebration. Below are some of the pictures taken during the event.