IAEA Report Confirms that Lynas Plant is Low Risk

Lynas’ Company secretary, Andrew Arnold, penned this piece for the Malaysia Australia Business Council in July 2015.

The Lynas Rare Earths plant has been operating in the Gebeng Industrial Estate near Kuantan since late 2012.  All aspects of business operations continue to improve and based on recent performance, Lynas expects to continue to deliver positive free cash flow. Last year Lynas relocated its head office and its leadership team to Kuantan, in a move that signaled its ongoing commitment to Malaysia and the local community.

In recent news, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released its latest report on the Lynas Plant which is available on the IAEA’s website, The IAEA Report confirms that “the radiological risks to members of the public and to the environment associated with the operation of Lynas Advanced Material Plant are intrinsically low.”

The IAEA Report also mentioned that Lynas has instituted a wide range of public information and stakeholder engagement activities including addressing over 10,000 people and hosting nearly 3,000 stakeholders at the site. Visitors including politicians, academics, NGOs and local residents have been provided with information on Lynas’ operations as well as safety and environmental data. Outreach programs for schools and the availability of real time radiation and emission data online at the AELB and DOE websites show Lynas’ expanding commitment in engaging with the community.

From the commencement of its operations, Lynas has set industry leading standards in environmental, safety and quality issues. Lynas remains committed to delivering Rare Earth materials with assured environmental practices from mine to market.