Lynas Malaysia’s continuing positive commitment to its communities and employees is shown in 2 awards conferred this week

26 April 2019
Lynas Malaysia is proud to announce it received 2 awards this week;
  • Recognition for assisting the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia during the recent fires in the Gebeng area, and
  • A Malaysia Best Employer Brand Award 2019.​

These awards are evidence of Lynas Malaysia’s continuing positive commitments to its communities and employees and further evidence of its commitment to fulfil all its duties as an excellent Foreign Direct Investor.

Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia Recognition

On Monday, Lynas Malaysia, together with nine other companies in Gebeng, received recognition for assisting the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia with the fires that occurred in the Gebeng Industrial Area in recent weeks.

The recognition was presented to Lynas by YB Hajjah Zuraidah Kamaruddin, the Home and Local Government Minister. Saiful Amir, Lynas’ Emergency Response and Security Manager who received the recognition on behalf of the company said: “It was a great experience for all the Gebeng Companies’ Emergency Response Teams to work alongside the Fire Brigade. This recognition highlights our ongoing commitment to our local communities and our commitment to support local departments wherever we can.”

Malaysia Best Employer Brand Awards 2019

Lynas Malaysia this week received a Malaysia Best Employer Brand Award Certification from the World Federation of HR Professionals. ​

The award takes into consideration how a company is:

  • Translating and combining vision with action in its people strategy
  • Building lines to mesh people strategy with business
  • Cultivating competencies for the future to enable the organisation to be future ready
  • Diversifying its culture
  • Providing Employee Benefits and Employee Engagement
  • Providing Equal Opportunities for Women Leaders
  • Demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility​

Mimi Afzan Afza, Lynas’ Vice President of People and Culture said of both awards: “These are great examples of the continuing hard work of many teams and departments across the Lynas Malaysia business, each of whom deserve this recognition and thanks.

“As always, Lynas is committed to providing a safe working environment, continuity of employment, opportunities for development and advancement and excellent working conditions for our people. Receiving these awards is further evidence of our continued commitment to Malaysia and our Malaysian employees.”​