Review of Assessment Report

​​No Problem on RE Plant Operation

Kuantan, 10 July 2015

Australia Lynas RE Plant CEO, Amanda emphasized that Assessment Report recently released by IAEA shown that (IAEA) is satisfied with the company’s overall operation, no problem.

“The waste storage is still in the plant area, the wastes have been identified as low risk & non-radioactive, most importantly, most of the RE wastes will be re-processed, to make into other bi-products.”

Amanda attended the IPD Kuantan break-fast event, said the above in a press conference. Attended together include the plant’s Vice President, Le-Roux and Kuantan District Director, Abdul Aziz and etc.

She said, the waste storage were not being recommended to send out of Malaysia, the authorities and investigation units confirmed that the plant operation is fully comply with the procedures and conditions, the plant were granted 2 years operating license in September last year.

No Recommendation of Waste Shipped Out of Malaysia

As for the falling of share price, Amanda said, the company moved the head office from Australia to Malaysia, it is the first move among a series of the company’s operating cost reduction action, she herself and the company’s top management are already residing in Kuantan.

She said, the company’s head office in Kuantan consist of 765 employees and about 600 employee are from Kuantan.

She said, the company’s head office is in Gebeng, Kuantan, Australia office is in Perth and other subsidiary companies were closed down, The centralized of company in Gebeng Industrial Area has greatly reduced its operational cost.

“We are another one large RE Production Company out of China, in share market, there are ups and downs, currently is in the down side, but the company’s Sales Manager, Le-Roux is working hard, the monthly production rate is increasing, I am confident with the market.”

She said, the company mainly supply to Japan, Europe and US.

She emphasized that the company main focus is on the safety of its operation, furthermore with long term monitoring by IAEA, the company have to put safety as priority.

Photo: Abdul Aziz (Right) and Amanda during the breakfast event, giving out green packets to beneficiaries.