Our Commitments & Responsibilities

​Our Commitments & Responsibilities

As a supplier of rare earths, Lynas has multiple commitments and responsibilities. These include looking after the workforce as well as meeting the specific needs of our customers. We also need to invest in the communities in which we operate and protect the environments we have the potential to impact.

Everyone at Lynas has a vision of being the ‘best of the best’ in the global rare earths market. If we are to achieve this objective, we need to ensure our people have the knowledge, skills, resources, policies, and processes they need to be able to do their jobs professionally, effectively, and above all safely.


Lynas strives to achieve Zero Harm and become the benchmark for occupational health and safety (OHS) standards in the global rare earths industry.

The safety and health of the employees and contractors who work on our sites is of utmost importance to us.

​We are committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment and to prevent injury, illness and impairment to the health of our employees, our business partners and the public.

We operate a comprehensive health and safety management system which is compliant with OHSAS 18001. This is an international certification designed to help companies effectively:

    • Identify and control health and safety risks
    • Reduce the potential for accidents
    • Aid legal compliance
    • Improve overall performance

A core part of our culture is the identification, understanding and management of our key health and safety risks. This starts with the development and design of our processes and plant and extends to cover all of our maintenance and operational activities.

Some of our key commitments are:

    • Compliance with all relevant OHS legislation and other relevant requirements;
    • Conducting thorough investigations of incidents to reduce the risk of them occurring again.

Our leaders, employees and contractor employees are accountable for not only their safety but the wellbeing of those working alongside them.  Safe behaviour is a condition of working on our sites.

Although we strive to achieve Zero Harm at our operations, in the unlikely event of an incident or injury, we are committed to provide the timely effective emergency response to any incident and to provide care for workplace injuries.  Our “Emergency Preparedness” capability is an integral part of both of our operations.

“Lynas regularly steps forward and assists members of the local communities in which we operate. People at Lynas can be proud of the broader benefit that Lynas brings to their families and friends.”