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Our Communities

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Good health and well-beingQuality education​​Decent work and economic growth​​Sustainable cities and communities


    • Lynas contributes over RM300 million to the Malaysian economy every year.
    • In 2017, Lynas spent over RM2 million on research with local partners.
    • In 2017, 80% of inputs at Lynas Malaysia​ were sourced locally.
    • Lynas supports the local community through:
      • Back to school program: donation of school uniforms and stationary to local students in need
      • Bi-monthly recycled clothing stall in the local Kuantan community to contribute clothing for free
      • The provision of materials and labour for repairs to school and community buildings
      • Promotion of education initiatives to help create future opportunities for the next generation
      • Helping to conserve and protect cultural heritages in surrounding regions
    • Lynas arranges and participates in a number of festive celebrations with different cultural groups.

Mt Weld

  • Lynas contributes over A$60 million to the Australian economy every year.
  • Lynas has relocated its accommodation base from the Granny Smith Mine to an accommodation village in the nearby town of Laverton.
  • Lynas has been an active board member for the Laverton Leonora Cross Cultural Association (LLCCA) since 2009 through hands-on, in-kind and financial support. The LLCCA operates as a community hub to encourage local Aboriginal people to be creative through a number of different programs including art and music. The LLCCA is recognised as a safe space within the community where the area is drug, alcohol and smoke free.
  • Lynas contributes to numerous Shire of Laverton initiatives each year, including:
    • ANZAC Day
    • Clean Up Laverton Day
    • NAIDOC Week Celebrations
    • Christmas and other Shire events
  • Lynas continues to support the annual Laverton Swimstars Program which was instigated by Lynas in January 2014. SwimStars encourages local children to learn to swim in a safe and friendly environment and promotes water safety and confidence.
  • Lynas provides transport to and from Laverton for the Curtin Volunteers who are involved in numerous projects in Laverton including community cultural trips, community activities and youth activities.
  • Lynas assists the Shire of Laverton in providing doctors supporting the local community
  • Lynas has assisted the Shire and other Laverton groups by transporting items of need such as mattresses, bicycles, clothing and footwear from Perth to Laverton.

Priorities for 2018:

    • Work with the Kuantan community to upgrade the Balok Library and other educational facilities.
    • Continued support for existing programs mentioned above at Mt Weld and Kuantan.
    • Continued engagement with the local communities to identify and support those in need.

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'Lynas regularly steps forward and assists members of the local communities in which we operate. People at Lynas can be proud of the broader benefit that Lynas brings to their families and friends.' Mimi Afzan Afza, Vice President People & Culture