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Our Commitments & Responsibilities

Commitments & Responsibilities


​Lynas exhibition at International Islamic University Malaysia Kuantan Campus on February 14 & 15, 2017 for Pahang Chemistry Carnival which one of Lynas sponsorship programme​



Social and Sport Club, Department of Safety and Health Pahang (DOSH) has organized futsal tournament among companies in dealing with DOSH Pahang. 40 teams were registered in the tournament which was held at Ferro Kuantan Kuantan, Batu 6 on November 5, 2016 from 8.00 am until 5.00 pm. 1 team from Lynas which consists of player from various departments were involved in this tournament.

Below are the lists of player for Project Team Lynas that played in this tournament :

NoNameID NoDepartment
1Mohd Nazri Bin Abdul Rahman0536Production, C&L
2Ahmad Khairul Bin Ismail0589Warehouse, Finished Goods
3Mohd Asrol Nizam Bin Ismail0405Production, C&L
4Aliff Bin Mat Ariff0401Production, C&L
5Mohd Najmi Bin Haji Razali0359Production, SX
6Abdul Aziz Bin Mat Ariff0729Production, C&L
7Muzaffar Hafizi Bin Mohd Mukhtar Affandi0597Engineering Services, MTCE
8Mohd Anas Bin Amir Hamzah0036Engineering Services, PCS​

Project Team Lynas was drawn into group E, along with BASF, Toray, and Timor Oil Plantation. Below are the results during grouping stage;

Game 3Lynas- 0Toray
Game 33Lynas1 - 0BASF
Game 43Timor Oil Plantation0 - 5Lynas​

Below is final standing during grouping stage :

Timor Oil Plantation300308-80

Lynas manage to proceed to next round (1st round knockout) as group winners.

In the 1st round KO , Lynas was drawn against Bengkel Ulu Jempol. Below is the result :

1st Round KOLynas-1Bengkel Ulu Jempol

The team manage to advance to the 2nd round KO and was drawn against Kilang Sawit Rompin. Below is the result;

2nd  Round KOKS Rompin1 - 1Lynas

The team failed to qualify for the next round, as they losing by penalties kick, 2 - 0. However, their expectation Lynas futsal team will become a champion for next tournament.

Below are some of the pictures taken during the tournament. :

dosh edit 4.jpgBefore final group game

dosh edit.jpgPendant souvenir given by YDP DOSH


Lynas Exhibition at POLISAS (2).jpgLynas exhibition at Poly-Tech Mara College Kuantan on October 22, 2016

Lynas Exhibition at UiTM Pahang.jpgLynas Exhibition at UiTM Pahang (2).jpgLynas Exhibition at UiTM Pahang (3).jpgLynas exhibition at MARA University of Technology Pahang Campus on October 20, 2016


Social and Sport Club, Department of Environmental (DOE) Pahang had organised Inter-Gebeng Futsal tournament among companies that dealing with DOE Pahang. 20 teams were registered in the tournament, which was held at Ferro Kuantan, Batu 6 on October 1, 2016 from 8.00 am until 2.00 pm. Lynas sends 1 team, which consists of player, from various departments were involved in the tournament. This is the first time the tournament was held in which align with Hari Alam Sekitar Negara and jointly organised between DOE Pahang and Kaneka Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Lynas team who participates this tournament consist of players who are the current champions from Lynas inter-Futsal tournament 2014. Since winning Lynas inter-tournament November 2014, they have involved in various Futsal tournament, which was held around the Kuantan area. Below are the lists of player for Project Team Lynas that played in this tournament :

NoNameID NoDepartment
1Mohd Nazri Bin Abdul Rahman0536Production, C&L
2Mohd Fazli Bin Yusoff0604Engineering Services, MTCE
3Mohd Asrol Nizam Bin Ismail0405Production, C&L
4Izzul Islam Bin Mohd Nawai0728Production, PF
5Aliff Bin Mat Ariff0401Production, C&L
6Mohd Najmi Bin Haji Razali0359Production, SX
7Abdul Aziz Bin Mat Ariff0729Production, C&L
8Muzaffar Hafizi Bin Mohd Mukhtar Affandi0597Engineering Services, MTCE

Project Team Lynas was drawn into group D, along with Kaneka B, FPG Oleochemical, KKS LCSB and KEMA. Below are the results during grouping stage :

Game 2KKS LCSB0 - 5Lynas
Game 5Lynas5 - 0KEMA
Game 7FPG Oleochemical1 - 2Lynas
Game 9Lynas3 - 1Kaneka(B)

Below is final standing during grouping stage :

FPG Oleochmical421110917
KKS LCSB4004314-110

Lynas manage to proceed to quarter final as group winners.

In the quarter final, Lynas was drawn against VAC FC. Below is the result :

Quarter FinalLynas3 - 1VAC Fc

The team manage to advance to the semi-final and was drawn against KPC. Below is the result :

Semi FinalKPC2 - 0Lynas

However, Lynas project team failed to qualify to final round, they are drawn against ISUZU for 3rd and 4th placing. Below is result for the final game :

3rd / 4th PlaceIsuzu1 - 5Lynas

Eventhough they managed to get 3rd place for this tournament, the team are proud with the effort from all the player due some of the players were fatigue as they just back from night shift work. This is the first tournament in which the team manage to go further and wins prizes for this year

Below are some of the pictures taken during the tournament.

1.jpgStretching before first game

2.jpgQuarter final round versus VAC FC

3.jpgAfter prize giving ceremony​


Lynas Bowling  Photo 1.jpgLynas Bowling Photo 2.jpgLynas Bowling 3.jpg

In conjunction with the 59th Merdeka Day also known as Hari Kebangsaan (National day), Lynas had organized a bowling tournament which was held on August 31, 2016 at Megalanes, Berjaya Megamall Kuantan  at 10.00 am. The event was attended by 64 staff with their families from various departments in Lynas.

Bowling is an activity that sees great group and personal interaction as it is a game that can be enjoyed individually or in teams. In this tourney, 16 teams took up the challenge to bowl and be the best in either the team or the individual category. The rule that had been set for each team is every team has to have at least two (2) races or ethnic or nationality. This is in-line with the Merdeka celebration that upholds the principle of "1 Malaysia" which represents the nation's unity regardless of races, cultures, religion, nationalities or traditions.

Every team came in their given coloured coded tees and they had given names to their team to symbolised their effort, strength, expertise and motivation. The tourney progressed very well. Everyone was having lots of fun, laughing at the funny gestures of very amateur bowlers, communicating and interacting with other teams from different departments, playing with kids and babies and helping themselves with the food and beverage that was prepared.

The tourney ended with the main highlight which was the prize giving ceremony. Amanda, our CEO came to the event together with her loving hubby, Wayne. Amanda and Wayne had the pleasure of presenting the prizes to the winners together with Jumaat, our Senior HR Manager.

Our heartiest congratulation to team "Mmmm….Nice"  with the highest score of 1003. The team comprised of Muthu, Saiful Amir, Sani and Basa. Male top scorer with 341 points was Hafiyan and women was Fatahiah with 231 points.

The event ended with everyone feeling happy and I hope satisfied with their achievements and with the fun they had. The event had certainly provided positive reinforcement of teamwork and built up interpersonal relationship which is going to be very helpful in the long run- working together to succeed.

Job Well Done organisers…​

Lynas Bowling 4.jpgLynas Bowling 5.jpgLynas Bowling 6.jpgLynas Bowling 7.jpgLynas Bowling 8.jpgLynas Bowling 9.jpg Some of the pictures during the tournament



​​​   Every Tuesday ( 9.00 PM - 11.00 PM)

Badminton 2016.jpg


​   Every Wednesday ( 9.00 PM - 11.00 PM)



Australian Super Corporate Triathlon Logo.jpg 

Huge congratulations to our teams who participated in the Corporate Triathlon on Sunday 17th November. The team braved the rain and a very early Sunday morning to complete the run/swim/run. Lynas had three teams participate:​

Team 1Team 2Team 3

Mark Carder

Leif Claridge


Anthony (AP) Peters

Len Seet


Brett Bowen

Nathan Robertson

Chris Wise

Sidelined Due to Injury

  •     Darryl McGrath

All participants performed exceptionally and should be proud of their efforts in representing themselves and Lynas. 

Australian Super Triathlon.jpg Some of photos Lynas team during the events


1st Line Supervisor Training.jpg

The 1st line leader program was designed to equip Lynas supervisors with standard tools and better understanding of the role as they have the direct contact and influence over the employees. Effective supervision is the foundation of a successful organization.  Lynas has designed its own internal program to address this.  This program consists of workshops full with discussions, presentations and decisions, plant walk-about and on job practical executions.  It is designed to cover 3 modules:

a.       Safety for Safe Production

b.      People Management

c.       Quality and Cost Awareness 

The objective of the program is to:

a.       Improve personal and interpersonal performances to better manage resources

b.      Set standards and measurable outcomes in order to meet external requirements

c.       Identify performers that will result in Lynas excellence and vice versa deal with under performers

These objectives are essential towards improving Lynas performances.

The pilot program for the 1st line leaders program was successfully conducted on 22, 23, 30, 31 October and 9 November 2015.  Shift D supervisors were selected to be in this session together with one supervisor each from maintenance and warehouse.  The target is to have all supervisors going through this program.

Supervisors are brought on a journey of knowing themselves, realizing their competencies, skills, strength and weaknesses. Evaluating their knowledge and capabilities to shoulder the responsibilities of a supervisor and owning to the accountabilities that comes with the position.

It is facilitated by Mimi from People and Culture and the safety module was conducted by the subject matter expert, Marwani from Safety, Health and Environment. Throughout the 5 days session, all the participants' supervisors were actively participating together as this is one of the critical requirements for the program to be successful.  The role of the participants' supervisors are to set expectations, coach, mentor, provide support and guidance, monitor and assess each of their people. 

Even after the first 2 workshops, the participants had started to practice what they had learnt.  They shared information and improvements made not only within the group but with other fellow colleagues who have not attended the program.  These good impacts can already be seen in the area of housekeeping, safety awareness and communication.

At the end of the 5 days workshop, 4 standards that focused on Safety and Environment have been proudly set by this group as follows:

a.       Handover

b.      Supervisor Meeting

c.       Housekeeping ( Common areas )

d.      Cross Audit

The next group session has already been planned for the 20 and 21st November 2015.

1st Line Supervisor Training 2.jpg

Our Employees

At Lynas, we care.

​Our employees are key drivers of a successful Lynas, and from our concentration plant team in Western Australia to the production teams in Malaysia, we offer challenges that encourage smart thinking, innovation and hard work. We also believe in rewarding succ​ess.


​We commit to providing a safe and healthy work environment, continuous learning, and an engaging work experience. Lynas has employees with great talent and dedication who drive our success.

Production Training 


Ladies in Futsal

Lynas_Futsal_Tournament_Female_action01.PNGLynas encourages workplace diversity and provides equal opportunity for all team members – regardless of age, gender, race, religion, nationality and education.  Our employees work in harmony and have equal opportunities to succeed.

We are working to make Lynas a truly great place to work.