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Our Workplace

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:


Lynas has operated with comprehensive Safety Management Systems since the start of operations.

    • In 2017 Lynas has been recertified to OHS​AS:18001 (Occupational Health & Safety). Both Mt Weld and Lynas Malaysia first gained certification in 2013.
    • There were 5 Lost Time Injuries during FY17. Major investigations were undertaken for each and corrective actions implemented.
    • Local employment at Lynas Malaysia is high, with over 670 employees and contract staff.
    • Mt Weld employs 95 staff and contractors for its operations. In addition, contractors are engaged for drilling, mining, ore screening, crushing and blending, maintenance, technical services, transport and other activities.
    • Women working at Lynas increased to 15% in 2017 from 10% in 2016.
    • Lynas has implemented a new safety program at Lynas Malaysia –Positive Attitude Safety System, PASS, a behavioural based safety program for front line employees and contractors with daily discussions and reinforcement regarding safety ownership and improvement actions.

Priorities for 2018:

    • Increase local employment at the Mt Weld site.
    • Improve workforce diversity, including the number of female staff employed in all areas of the business every year.
    • Continue to focus on major hazards through leader and workgroup engagement in verification of key controls.
    • Review and implementation of Core Safety Standards in all areas of the Lynas business.

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'Our people are the core of our business and we believe that taking the time and effort to do work safely and right first time is the only way.' Kam Leung, Vice President Production