Since Lynas commenced operations at the LAMP we have successfully met all of our environmental management commitments relating to water, waste, noise, and air quality management.

The LAMP’s environmental monitoring system is bound by Legal & Other Requirements through the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which was approved by the Department of Environment (DOE) on 15 February 2008.

The monitoring system was prepared by an appointed third party Environmental consultant, Environ Consulting Services (M) Sdn Bhd. The EIA consists of 78 special conditions, which include control and monitoring of water quality and soil, control and monitoring of air quality and noise management and control.

Ambient air monitoring, noise monitoring, groundwater monitoring and water monitoring are conducted on a monthly basis by appointed and DOE accredited labs. Reporting summaries are provided to the DOE on a quarterly basis.

These summaries of public reporting can be found on the DOE website:

Treated water at the LAMP is fed into retention ponds for confirmation of compliance with regulatory standards prior to release to the Balok River.

Mt Weld:
The mine at Mt Weld, is currently operating under Ministerial Statement 476 under Part IV of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act) and Prescribed Premises Licence L8141/2007/2 issued under Part V of the EP Act.

An Environmental Impact Assessment was undertaken and determined there are no significant point source emissions to air, surface water, groundwater or land. Therefore, the Licence does not include any monitoring conditions for fugitive emissions, odor or noise.

The EIA determined that wastewater produced during the beneficiation process for rare earths, in addition to reverse osmosis brine, are discharged into engineered containment facilities and are not a discharge to land. The Licence includes ambient groundwater monitoring to monitor potential impacts to groundwater from water containment facilities seepage.

A summary for Mt Weld including ‘cleaner production activities’, emissions and transfers is available on the Australian Government National Pollutant Inventory website​.

Mt Weld is a non-discharge site for water.​