Recycling and Waste Management


Recycling and Waste Management

Mt Weld:
Waste at Mt Weld is managed in accordance with the Waste Management Plan and the Landfill Management Plan. Lynas’ Mt Weld operations has a licensed landfill under the Prescribed Premises Licence and putrescible waste defined under Schedule 1 of the EP Rural Landfill Regulations is sent to this onsite landfill. Recyclable items are sent offsite.

All waste hydrocarbons are sent offsite for recycling by a DWER Licensed Waste Contractor.

Fluorescent tubes and light bulbs are removed as required by onsite electricians. Tubes are placed in custom designed cardboard boxes and sent to be recycled.
General Rubbish Bins and Spill Station


General hydrocarbon contaminated waste bin
Hydrocarbon filters bin.
Oil/Fuel Filters and General hydrocarbon contaminated waste is seperated and stored in steel bin and that are sent off site using licensed controlled waste carrier.
General hydrocarbon contaminated waste bin

Used batteries are stored until there is enough to send off site for recycling.

Waste at the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant in Kuantan (LAMP) is managed in accordance with the Waste Management Procedure.

Waste is classified as:

  1. Scheduled wastes (SW)
  2. Non-scheduled (industrial) wastes; or
  3. Domestic wastes

Scheduled Waste includes any waste falling within the categories as listed in the First Schedule of the Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulation 2005.

At the LAMP, procedures have been established for the management of these scheduled wastes, and this generation of scheduled wastes is tracked at each plant area.

Waste bins used onsite at the LAMP:​​​​​​​​

SW 410 Transit Storage
General Waste Bin
SW 409 Bin
SW 410 Bin
SW 410 Used Chemical Suit Bin​​​​