Water Management

Water Management

Mt Weld:
Mt Weld has established internal objectives and targets in-line with the Environmental Policy to recycle more than 50,000 m3 of water per month for reuse within the flotation plant.

A target of 4.5 m3 of water per tonne of concentrate has been set for the 2018 FY period to reduce water consumption.

Lynas Malaysia:
Lynas Malaysia uses scheme water (city water) provided by the local water utility provider.

Onsite Lynas has two process water ponds with a capacity of 6000m3 which supply to the plant as needed at rate of approximately 400m3/hr.

A dedicated water flow meter has been installed to process the incoming city water, enabling us to precisely monitor our water consumption. Lynas has also installed a water booster pump at each area to improve on water pressure supply at the plant.

All water inside the lagoon is recycled back to the Cracking and Leaching system.

Lynas Malaysia process water ponds​​