Our Ethical Business Practices and Governance


Our Ethical Business Practices and Governance

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Gender equalityReduced inequalitiesPeace, justice and strong institutions


  • Lynas is committed to promoting a culture that embraces the benefits of a workforce that is diverse across ethnicity, cultural background, gender and age.
  • We have adopted a strong framework of policies and procedures to ensure appropriate corporate governance and ethical business practices.
  • Regular training programs are provided to all employees on the attitudes and behaviours required at Lynas.
  • We have a confidential independent whistleblower hotline.
  • Our key policies and procedures, including our Code of Conduct, are available in multiple languages.

Priorities for 2018:

  • More diversity in the workforce, from Board level to operations.
  • Enhance our training programs on ethical business practices and corporate governance, which are provided to all employees.

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“Ethical business practices and governance are about more than our policies and procedures. We focus on ensuring that the attitudes and behaviours of all members of our team reflect our strong commitment to best practice.”